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 Parenting Tips/Guidelines:
Attitudes to school can vary widely at different stages but PRE-SCHOOL is the first time your child attends school and is exposed to a new environment. You, as a parent, can help the adjustment by practicing a few rules to make your child’s “going to school” a happy experience.
  • To reduce separation anxiety, play games like hide and seek or peek-a-boo to help him/her understand this phenomenon of separation.
  • Explain to your toddler what to expect if you are going out and when you are going to be back.
  • Be positive to reduce  separation anxiety. Leave with a smile and don’t be nervous
  • Curb your own separation pangs because if you are having trouble separating, your child will always pick this up.
  • Remember that your child may have a very different (perhaps better)experience than you did.
  • Talk about your time at school in a positive manner.
    These guidelines will help your child be more independent, happy and secure. Remember the more secure you feel, the more confident your child will be.
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